Rebekah Kang


A short fictional film about a story of high school senior whose parents are undocumented residents in the U.S. As she applies to colleges with financial aids, she learns that she is also undocumented in the U.S., where she grew up all her life. She struggles to accept the fact that she cannot go to any colleges, because of her financial difficulty and legal status.


I strongly believe in creativeness of Communications-bringing what is basic or obvious in a creative form to achieve producers’ goal such as persuading, entertaining or more. For example, most of the movies follow simple three act structure with a goal, conflict and climax. However, it is the creative representation with images, sounds, actors and more, which make every film different and valuable. Sayers mention in her book The Mind of the Maker that artists do not see life as a problem to be solved but as a medium for creation (188) and I absolutely agree with her. When given the same problem, producers should take the matter differently and present to the audiences in a creative way to broaden audiences’ thoughts on it.

My thesis reflects such creativity on the illegal immigration issue in the U.S. Personally, I have no intention of convincing my audiences to take a side on illegal immigration issue, but presenting it in a creative view to allow audiences to gain new perspective on it.

Moreover, this is what I am going to pursue as a producer of Communications in the future bringing what is already presented in a creative form, rather than creating new ones.