Rachael Bailey


A series of feature articles exploring the challenge of balancing work and family in an age where both are so crucial to manage. Each story shares a unique angle based on the given situations and will unveil the inner-workings of a family, its intangibles, and the impact of one or more occupations.


I see communication arts through a lens of true stories waiting to be told and a bridge through which inspiration and demonstration are merged in writing. The embodiment of others’ thoughts and feelings through writing holds me to a standard of justice to a story and its characters. While I feel a natural challenge to acknowledge the dignity in everyone based on their stories, my thesis aims to emulate the dignity of working families based on how difficulty and triumph shape them.

The ‘life-balancing act’ is nothing I am close to familiar with; however, I know I will be someday. In observing my parents and other families resisting a strong pull from each extreme: work and home life, there is one thing I know: the ability to couple satisfaction or dissatisfaction with work and the wellbeing of a family is an intentional and ever-refining process. To live out this example of prioritization with a purpose can also serve as a positive model for those who feel alone in the difficulty. Making these stories public is an endeavor to foster a feeling of togetherness in society and among readers dealing these same tensions. As they engage with various situations, I hope each will be able to discount or gather ideas to make time for themselves and their family while upholding a standard for hard, satisfying work.