Katie Zarrilli


“Faces we Trust” is a news magazine feature that attempts to unwrap the idea of trust through a series of visual stories. This journalistic piece seeks to find the value in trusting others in a world that at times can be individualistic. It tells a series of stories of people we are forced to trust, in an attempt to discover who to trust, why to trust them, and why it is important.


I believe stories are the best way to pull us out of ourselves and into the lives of others. Hearing stories not only helps us learn about people, but brings us closer to them as well. A story presented through videojournalism provides an incredible opportunity for an audience to get to know a person, inside and out. Hopefully through seeing a story and meeting someone new, the audience’s world will shrink a little, and individuals can place importance on other people and learn that we were created to be in community, and that other people and their lives should matter to us. “Faces we Trust” is a newsmagazine feature piece that tells the stories of people we often blindly trust, in an effort to create in the audience a newfound value in trust and introduce them to those faces. I combine parts of interviews that best reflect the person with footage that will help the audience get the best sense of the person’s role in the world. Each project, I focus on telling the truth while still leaving room for myself to be creative, and try to take risks as I go. My goal is for my audience to comprehend a story that is told truthfully but also appreciate the creativity that I bring to it.