Kate Goodale


A series of arts journalism articles highlighting the growing cultivation of the arts in Boston’s North Shore communities.  Articles and features will cover various artists, art forms, venues, and events in the area. A research paper focusing on the importance of the arts and humanities in community will accompany the feature series.


Communication is a diverse and complex field that demands a core set of values and principles. I believe that interpersonal interactions, writing (journalism in particular), and public relations, need to be informed by the values of integrity and selflessness.

Communication platforms that are informed by integrity would mean that every face-to-face or technological conversation, every written work or public relations approach is innately truthful and informs the audience enough to construct their own opinions without skew or bias from the author. I want my audience to be truthfully informed as a result of my communicative work.

The work needs to be selfless in that it serves the audience, including reader, client, or community for the greater good. Journalism, writing, public relations, and communication in general is not a means to an end, it is a service. I’ve found Dorothy Sayer’s essay, Why Work, to be most informative regarding this value. Sayers states, “Every worker [communicator] is called to serve God [and therefore others] in their profession, and a worker’s highest calling is to serve the work.”

Each truthful and selfless work needs to be implemented through a principle commitment to creativity. Specifically, my article series should be truthfully portraying arts on the North Shore and doing so in a fresh way. Each new work should cultivate the creative good already in place, and create something that didn’t exist before.