Jordan Tymann


A short film about a twenty-something guy in a digital-driven age. We follow Charlie, a guy who doesn’t get out of his apartment often, and see a day in the life of a typical young adult, and how much of his interaction throughout the day is technology based. Even within this world of constant communication, Charlie feels incomplete and soon learns how important personal interaction can be, as he reconnects with his father.


I believe successful communication takes place when the message can be transmitted from the sender to the audience and be understood on all levels intended. The method of delivering such a message must be chosen correctly, as the medium can enhance or detract its delivery. I find film to be one of the most successful because it can capture moments, not just words on a page, or speech into the air. It can capture layers of the human condition and reflect most accurately the ideas and feelings associated with the words of the message. For my thesis, I’m showing the other forms of communication that often get overlooked, like facial expressions, body language and non-verbal in general, and their importance that are often absent in books or on the radio etc. Overall, communication should be used to bring people together, and if it is driving people apart, it is not being used correctly. Therefore, I study Communication Arts to know how to pick the right message and medium, and how not doing so can detract from human interaction as God intended.