Jarin Foster


A short film about young photographer’s confrontation with death. With impressionistic fluidity the film converges symbolism, aesthetic, and narrative into a radiant organism. It escapes the logical limitations of film and focuses on its emotional and spiritual potential.


I created this film to tell a story about life.  How can we find peace with mysteries of life that tear against the character of God?  When death, sickness, and sin uproot the beauty and life we desire – who is to blame?

The film offers a unique symbolic, aesthetic, and narrative convergence.  To complement the story, actions in nature are juxtaposed with the main character, Ariadne.  The cinematography flows organically, modeling human motion and experience.  Static frames are non-existent in the film; always the camera breathes as we do.  Time shapes into key glimpses of meaning, following non-linear emotion continuity.  Whispered voiceovers replace traditional visual dialog to bring the viewer into the thoughts of Ariadne.  The structure introduces the crisis first for clarity, moving to the beginning of the chronological story.

Will people feel through this film?  Will they be impacted emotionally and spiritually?  Will it supply a bridge to connect them with their Creator?  The theoretical target audience are those who struggle with depression or confusion, those willing to experience and feel, and photographers.  I desire to reveal the spiritual reality we all live in, creating the highest level of experience capable with film.