Gary Gaudio


Research for an essay exploring the questions of how phones have impacted story development and narrative structure in movies, and how cell phones in film reflect the current social, technological and communicative trends in our media converging society. I contend that the cell phone is both a lifeline and weapon in our lives and there is evidence of that in films like The Departed, Harry Brown, and Slumdog Millionaire.


I believe communication and art are grounded in creativity and the finished work should serve the audience. I believe that film is a collaborative art and the most powerful form of communication. Some of the most inspiring and significant films in my life have been Jason and the Argonauts, Sunset Boulevard, White Heat and Gunga Din. These films were some of the first that captured my interest and passion for movies.  As I have taken an interest in classic and modern I film I have found that film continually reflects  our societies beliefs, sentiments,  trends, flaws and triumphs  in war, technology, relationships, science, sports, civil rights, government, media and more.  The most recent of these is the cell phone that is now the dominant form of communication in our society and the basis for how we interact with others, foster relationships and coordinate our daily lives. This is why it deserves analysis for its ramifications in our culture.  As an artist I feel it is my responsibility, in filmmaking and writing, to create art that attempts to bring perspective and make sense of the events and trends in culture. I believe that is my duty as an artist to communicate my beliefs and passions in my art because without that art is not art.