Christy MacMillan


A marketing campaign pitching support for a new college.  I am going to research the history of the school along with its changes in the past few years and use that information to create a marketing plan for C.S. Lewis College with investors in mind.


Communication is an important medium that can be applied worldwide.  Whether through film, photos, talking, music, dancing, or writing, being able to transfer ideas to others is what makes ideas become reality.  Even a marketing plan that’s made to communicate the need for money for an organization can make a huge difference.  With a marketing plan that is done correctly, many organizations can be saved and become quite successful.  The style in which the information is conveyed can change the way a message is interpreted entirely.  Communicating clearly makes ideas effective, and this can be seen in a well thought out marketing plan.

Without this art, the world would not have as many advances as we do now.  Communication happens everywhere, but it needs to be thought through and clear in order for it to make a positive difference.  Messy communication will create more problems and will not accomplish anything.  No matter what objective anyone has, taking the time to be clear and use the appropriate medium will make changes happen in the world.  Communication is continuous; therefore, it’s important that we put effort into the way in which we present our ideas.