Cherisa Fee


First Loved Ministries is a program that helps God’s people personally and tangibly experience God’s love. As a means to gain further recognition, I will collaborate in updating the existing website, logo, and marketing materials. I will also construct a press kit, regulate social media, and document as well as post the testimonies of past participants.


Around the age of fifteen my dad called a family meeting to announce that his sabbatical from pastoring was going to be extended indefinitely. He said that after much thought, prayer, and deliberation he believed that the time was finally right to pursue his longtime dream of ministry geared toward the broader Christian world. Stepping out in faith, he started a non-profit ministry and believed that God would provide the necessary finances for our family of eight. His endeavor gave a whole new meaning to the concept of miraculous as we witnessed the impossible become possible. However, despite abundant provisions interest and involvement is lacking.

Nonprofits exist to promote a mission that enhances public welfare. Often times, these organizations serve needs that would otherwise go unattended. Yet, despite an evident passion to seek justice, nonprofits like my father’s often lack ample resources necessary to make a significant impact.  Given limited funds, marketing takes a backseat and awareness consequently suffers. Out of a response to do something beyond volunteering, I recognized this need subsequently decided to study Communication Arts. Acting out of the mindset that Christians are all a part of the body, I realized what part I could contribute. My thesis project of creating a marketing plan for my dad’s ministry is the first step towards the fulfillment of this goal.