Chelsea Lecander


A blog space designed to feature written vignettes, recipes, and photographs exploring the connections we make with and through food. Soul feed is a project that blends my skill set and love for telling stories with my passion for the culinary arts. In the current blog-o-sphere there is no shortage of polished and pretty; this blog is an attempt to go further, to redeem something as simple as the food we eat by infusing it with truth, beauty, and human connection. Soul Feed is meant to foster participation in a communal narrative; a deeper thread highlighting our personal connections with food— the soul connections.


My work in the communication arts stems from a belief in theology of the commonplace.  I believe that there are depths of meaning and beauty in the everyday realties of life; as an artist it is my job to divulge these truths in ways that have the capacity to touch the experiences of others. I believe that the physical word facilitates our creativity through ownership and interaction with a larger Creator.

Beauty is truth, and truth, beauty. Artists like Malick and L’Engle have influenced the tack and scope of my communicative vocation because they demonstrate a passion for aesthetics and uncovering beauty, even in the seemingly mundane, through written word and story image.  Truth-telling and creativity have been modeled to us through creation; therefore it is my job as a communicator and creator to harvest.  Arranging stories that expound on these truths.   Soul Feed is a project that takes something as simple and unassuming as food and rightfully elevates it as a rich medium where meaning is imbued; story inherent. Even something as simple as food contains a certain, unmistakable beauty and connectivity synonymous with God’s original intention for sacramental living.