Ashley Moulton


A full-length screenplay for the pilot episode of a television show, P.O.’ed is a film noir styled comedy about a college student who interns at the Dorchester District Court probation department and becomes involved with gangs and criminals who may, in fact, teach her more about the law than any law-abiding citizen.


In all things, we should pursue excellence after Christ’s example.  As a Christian and human, I believe that art should be creative, redemptive, and constantly working towards excellence.  When writing a script, the writing should be creative, the plot should contain originality, the editing process should be extensive, and major themes should evoke a response from the audience.  In addition to entertainment, the goal of screenwriting should be to create a piece that causes the audience to think about life in brand new ways.  For example, my capstone project strives to help viewers understand the function of probation departments, think about moral versus legal dilemmas, and overcome traditional stereotypes placed on groups of people.  By changing audience perspectives and thinking about right and wrong in new ways, people may learn to treat people with more understanding and respect.  Satisfaction with art stems from two factors: (1) did I pursue excellence through this work or was I simply satisfied with “good enough”? and (2) does this work of art cause others to think, act, and feel in new ways?  Like Christ, we should work towards creative and redemptive purposes in a broken world, pursuing excellence as agents of Christ on earth.