Amanda Berglund


A PR campaign to promote the 14th annual “Women Honoring Women” luncheon put on by the Wellspring House of Gloucester, MA. The event will be presented to the media through a press kit including calendar listings, a “save the date”, an event invitation, and press releases of the event itself and the expected honorees. The media will be invited to cover and attend the event on May 7th.


If executed effectively, public relations should create a lasting impact on a desired audience. The content of any PR campaign should be presented in a way that accentuates the ideals and goals of the company/person in a truthful way.  The ideals and goals of the campaign should be expressed according to the target audience in a way that motivates their specific participation, but without twisting the main mission of the campaign. Many of the principles I value most come from the teachings of Dan and Chip Heath, the authors of “Made to Stick” and “Switch.” Their concepts of persuasion directly influence how I approach public relations, for example; highlighting bright spots, targeting emotions, and giving directions for taking action. These concepts can make the material clear, concise, and compelling for the target audience, therefore motivating their participation and attention. I find that with the appropriate use and combination of these concepts, a public relations campaign, and various other campaigns, can impact, persuade, and motivate any audience.