CASE SP12 Tonight!

From the cellphone in your hand right now to the meal you’ll eat with loved ones later, this semester’s exhibition of Communication Arts senior thesis projects invites you into conversations engaging the stories around us, through a variety of media.

This Tuesday night, from 6:00 to 10:15 pm in the Barrington Cinema and Stebbings Room, twenty-one seniors will showcase their work presenting familiar ideas and images in creative, provocative ways. The event includes five sessions organized by theme, each including research, public relations or journalism, and short film. Our themes this Tuesday night are Facing the Familiar, Priorities, Meta: Social Media, Trust and Forgiveness, and Experiencing Art.

Join us Tuesday night for a session or two (or five). New groups begin presenting in the Cinema approximately every 45 minutes. Students’ work will be on display down the hall in the Stebbings room throughout the evening. Please wait to enter the Cinema until it is clear a session is ending or new one beginning, so as not to disrupt presenters – checking out the projects down the hall while you wait.

The evening’s schedule is here, with links to each artist’s project description and motivating philosophy here

I hope to see many of you in Barrington this Tuesday evening.

Dr. Cobbey